What's Really Holding You Back?

What’s Really Holding You Back?

It’s rare that a creative - at some point - doesn’t feel stuck.

Either you begin to experience burnout, or you aren’t reaching your income goals and can’t seem to get past the cycle of self doubt.

It’s a normal part of having or starting an online business, but staying there isn’t. Successful creatives figure out how to overcome the hurdles of overwhelm and continue to grow toward their vision. And the first step is to determine what exactly is holding you back.

Lack of Focus

Last week I talked about how having a lack of clarity might be keeping you from achieving big dreams. And we discovered that brainstorming can give you the clarity you need.  But what if you're clear on your goals and you're still having trouble moving forward consistently? You might be experiencing a lack of focus.

You may start each day with purpose, but by lunch it's clear you haven't accomplished anything you set out to do.

Imagine if you have a meeting in an hour, you have directions to get there - but you decide to take a side street and start checking out the neighborhoods, then another side street, and more neighborhoods - let's be honest, you've probably missed the meeting.

This doesn't mean you've failed. You just have trouble focusing on the next step that needs to happen to make your dreams come true.

Try This

With your end goal in mind, brainstorm the next physical action you need to take to achieve it.

So if your goal is to create a digital course, then your next step might be to poll your audience about what they need/want from you.

If your goal is to start an at home business, then your next step might be to identify your skills and assets.

If your goal is to get your business organized, then your next step might be to take inventory of all the aspects of your business.

Up-level Your Brainstorming

And if you're feeling extra creative, take your brainstorming to the next level with a vision board! This fun and colorful tool is often just what you need to clarify your dreams, work out your next steps, and even more - stay excited about your business.

Vision boards can be as simple as a few images clipped from a magazine and pinned to a corkboard, or as complex as a framed poster with hand-lettered quotes and personal inspiration. The choice is yours. It’s completely personal, super fun, and best of all, it works. Give it a try next time you’re feeling stuck and let me know how it goes!




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