Find Your Niche and Three Better Words to Say

You hear it all the time,
And if you're anything like me, these three words probably make you scrunch up your shoulders a bit...
"Find Your Niche!"
Whether you pronounce it with a C-H or S-H ending, these three words mean you've got to narrow your focus and zoom in on a particular audience or offering. As a multi-passionate person and someone who has said too many yeses out of FOMO, it felt impossible.
Are you at that place?
That place where you know it's what you've got to do but it feels so uncomfortably counter-intuitive?
I mean, you've got a lot of passions, experiences, gifts, messages and you don't want to exclude anyone, right?!
Not too long ago, I heard three new words that changed everything...
"Go All-In!"
What if I went all-in on one thing in my business?
One ideal customer, one specific offering, one single roadmap that will utilize my gifts and serve my audience well?
I've discovered that not all is lost, I will still have #allthepassions for #allthethings but in my business right now - in the building phase - in order for me to show up as my best self and offer real transformation for you and your business, I've got to narrow my focus, zoom in on a particular offering, I've got to go all-in.
So I've decided to focus on doing what I love, the very thing that people have come to me for for years - building businesses and developing programs. More specifically, my one thing is helping creative women turn their ideas into digital products and programs that sell so they can expand their reach, create consistent income [from home], and have more time to do what matters most.
There is such freedom in keeping it simple.
In my brand new course I'm working on, I talk specifically about how to do this - using the skills, knowledge, and content you already have. I can't wait to share it with you all.
In the meantime, I'd love to know what is your biggest fear about going all-in?

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