I've always had a creative side, a business side, and a deep passion for serving others. This has provided me with a diverse professional background, from mortgage lending to developing training programs to family services to mental health education and advocacy to entrepreneurship...

Despite the misconception of multi-passionates, my jack-of-many-trades-master-of-some-heart has afforded me to live in my gifts and serve others fully.

For the most part...

About three years ago, I applied for an internship for the Grit 'n' Grace Girls Podcast, hosted by Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory. [talk about total fan-girl moment] It wasn't long after I was invited to the team that my role turned into full time virtual assistance business serving authors, speakers, and other multi-creatives.

That's when I fell in love with the world of ONLINE BUSINESS.

I found my tribe of women and they were all doing the very things I love. As a SAHM with an entrepreneurial spirit, I knew this was THE way I could use my many passions and gifts to serve others without sacrificing what mattered most.  

But naturally I had #alltheideas for #allthethings and so I provided a variety of services - from admin support to design to project and business management... But because I was trying to do too many things all at once, I could no longer provide the best possible service for my clients and eventually, I became a burned out solopreneur. I thought, "maybe this online business world just isn't for me."

Until I decided to go all-in on ONE THING.

With a passion for creativity, a knack for systems and processes, and the help of trusted collaborators, I was able to make sense of all my ideas. Together we created a strategy to fund my creative passions while serving my audience at the same time.

Develop, Design, Deliver - it's many passions wrapped up in one and is what I've always done in each of my professional roles.

And now I get to help authors, speakers, and other multi-passionate creatives fund their passions by helping them plan, create and launch their own digital products so they can create a life doing what matters most. 


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